Environmental Engineering

Know-how, expertise and complete environmental engineering solutions for decontamination of hazardous substances in buildings and industrial plants

MTM Ingenieurgemeinschaft has been offering environmental engineering services to detect and evaluate hazardous substances in buildings and industrial plants and to solve resulting problems since 1989. A team of qualified civil engineers co-ordinate the complete process from the first detection of contamination to the handing-over of the pollutant-free building, industrial plant or system. Steps offered include the analysis of the problem and the design of a solution, elaborating usually on various options for the implementation. A plan is set up and possible time and financial frameworks for the tasks are presented. The most sensible solution is chosen in close co-operation with the customer under consideration of his individual requirements and priorities. Special attention is paid to the fact that the solution must be innovative but also feasible. This solution is then carried out with co-operation partners and subcontractors. Drawing up of tenders and identification of suitable partners is part of the complete service of the engineering company as well as the monitoring of the project progress.

Due to their high degree of specialisation and long experience the company staff have become experts in the following activities related to the above areas:

• detection and evaluation of hazardous substances
• analysis of solid samples and air samples
• registration and documentation of hazardous substances
• realisation of preventive actions to serve as immediate interim solution
• decontamination concepts under consideration of the available options
• planning and tendering
• project management and monitoring
• bill of quantities - billing - financial controlling
• instruction of the staff in contaminated buildings
• expert report services
• identification of building construction costs according to DIN 276
• advisory service for substitute materials
• concepts and consultancy to rebuild fire preventive devices and materials in buildings and systems
• Advice on waste management and support of the constructional decommissioning process
• Expert validation for a cost-efficient and sustainable waste management
• Development of officially required decommissioning and recycling concepts including the related classification of construction waste in terms of recycling or final disposal

The services offered comply with national and European recycling and waste management acts.


• Expert know-how accumulated in more than 30 years of specialization
• The solutions are specifically tailored to the customers needs in terms of time framework, decontamination priorities and financial planning. Short-, mid- and long-
term projects can be designed.
• Setting-up of interdisciplinary team of co-operation partners and subcontractors to implement the complete solution
• Know-how of regulations, directives and regulations


MTM is open to discuss the type of co-operation. Partners could be engineering companies, public bodies or building contractors confronted with problems of contaminated buildings and constructions and looking for solutions. The German company offers their know-how based on many years of experience, engineering consultancy and a co-operation in problem-solving.